Series PC

Series PC

Series PC

Forged 3 Piece Trunnion Ball Valves for the Petrochemical Industry

RGR purpose designs and manufactures series PC valves for high cycle switching and severe on-off applications. The stem to ball union is based on our unique “flower drive” design and has proven to be reliable even under severe service conditions. Depending on the application, the flow paths through the ball and seats may be altered to guarantee the best performance of the valve package in a particular process.


As a standard feature, ball valves can be supplied with the following operating devices:

  • manual – lever
  • manual – worm gearing and hand wheel
  • electric actuator – turning angle 0° to 90°
  • electric actuator and worm gear
  • pneumatic actuator – single-acting (air x spring) or double- acting (air x air)
  • hydraulic actuator
  • Gas-over-oil actuator

Location of the operating device:

Directly on the upper flange of the ball valve on a bridge or on an extension piece.

Installation or replacement of an operating device can be done under service conditions.

Operator mounting dimensions to ISO 5211.

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