Series B1

Series B1

Series B1

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves for the Mining and Utilities Industries

  • The Reliaball has built up a distinguished record in harsh high pressure isolation applications.
  • Its unique trim design sets this valve design apart from any other spherical ball design which has been the determining factor for its success in the mining and utilities industries.
  • The valve is constructed using forgings for the 3 piece body parts which proved to be the best choice in the harsh operating conditions.
  • The “Oddball” due to its shape is a cast unit.
  • The Reliaball can be adapted to replace not only ball valves with standard face-to-face dimensions but also gate valves which requires reduced face-to-face dimensions.
  • Replace standard ASME B16.10 face-to-face dimensioned valves as well as gate valves with the wafer type construction.

Design Features

  • Non spherical “Oddball”
  • The “Oddball” does not require any grinding or polishing to achieve tightness
  • “Oddball” acts as the carrier of the soft seats, which are located and locked into grooves in “Oddball” by a Duplex SS flange
  • Duplex SS metal seats are located and locked between body segments

The Reliaball is radically different to conventional ball valves and was specifically developed to operate under harsh conditions such as abrasive fluids and high differential isolation.

The non-spherical ball which acts only as a carrier of the soft seats, eliminates problems encountered with conventional ball valves such as the seals being in constant contact with the polished sphere which tends to cause leakage due to scouring and erosion.

Sealing occurs between the ball mounted seats and the single piece body seat rings with their unique profile.

As the valve closes , the seals wipe the seat rings clean, reducing possible damage by entrained sub-stances, thus avoiding an increase in the torque

Full contact between the seal and seat only occurs after the final few degrees of rotation.

In the open position, the seals are protected within the body cavities from direct flow, ensuring less wear and damage from entrained substances, stimulating rinsing and cleaning action of the body cavity.

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