Triplex PD SP600

Triplex PD SP600

Triplex PD SP600

This pump has taken the class-leading design and performance of the SP200 pump and tripled the flow rates.

SP600 - Single Acting Reciprocating Plunger Sludge Pump

Robust design and construction suited to the harshest conditions

First launched in 2010, the Scamont SP600 pump has taken the class-leading design and performance of the SP200 pump and tripled the flow rates achievable through a design-protected enhancement. The most common application of the Scamont SP600 is in the mining industry where the removal of mud, sludge and dirty water from underground is of critical importance.

The Scamont SP600 is designed to provide insitu conversion between the SP200 and SP600 , allowing for significant user flexibilty in changing applications and hence significantly reducing costs.


Recommended Motor Size: 110 kW
Larger motors can be installed however maximum pressure cannot be exceeded.

Recommended NPSHr: 39.24kPa (gauge)
Suction lines longer than 6m will result in a greater NPSHr.
Please contact a Scamont representative to assist.

Pump Monitoring Device
Scamont offers a lubrication and heat monitoring system which trips the pump on low oil, filter block or oil temperature limit.

Materials of Construction
Scamont Engineering can alter the materials of construction for any application including mud and acid water.

For further information regarding the performance and general arrangement of the Scamont SP600 please contact Scamont Engineering directly.

Optional Features

  • Stainless steel valves seats and bumper assemblies
  • Electrical oil protection systems
  • Fully integrated starter panels including bypass control, level control, motor protection and early warning systems
  • External electric powered lubrication pump
  • Oil heat exchanger cooling systems
  • Flame hardened main gear and heat treated alloy pinion gear sets
  • Different material of construction to suit application
  • Actuated bypass valves
  • Fabricated skid
  • Either electric of diesel driven
Pump Configuration Displacement (l/s) Max Pressure (MPa)
SP600 6" at 70 RPM 13.02 7.5
SP600 6" at 100 RPM 18.52 5.3
SP600 7.5" at 66 RPM 19.25 5.1
SP600 7.5" at 100 RPM 28.92 3.41
Enquire Download: Triplex PD SP600 Brochure
  • Higher volumetric requirements
  • Horizontal or vertical transfer
  • Underground and surface mining operations
  • Settler underflow
  • Shaft bottom de-watering
  • Stage mounting during shaft sinking
  • Backfill pumping
  • Grout plants
  • Tailings
  • New release ideally suited for higher volume lower head applications
  • Robust design with fabricated steel frame allowing for refurbishment
  • Registered Design Protection
  • Fluid end configuration interchangeable with Scamont SP200
  • Clear water or slurry service with solids up to 8mm in size
  • Low R.P.M
  • Simple maintenance procedure
  • Disposable valve bodies
  • From 13.02 litres per second at 7 .5MPa to 28.92 litres per second at 3.41 MPa dynamic head
  • Different materials of construction available in order to deal with a multitude of corrosive forces
  • Electric or diesel motor driven
  • Proudly manufactured in South Africa
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