Duplex PD FXG

Duplex PD FXG

Duplex PD FXG

Positive Displacement sludge pumps ideally suited to development phase and shaft bottom applications.

Scamont FXG Positive Displacement Sludge Pump

Positive displacement sludge pumps ideally suited to development phase and shaft bottom applications

The Scamont FXG pump is a smaller class of pump that operates on the basis of double action technology within the fluid end.

This pump is ideally suited for applications that require less volume and lower pressures. The Scamont FXG is firmly established as the pump of choice in the early stages of mining development projects when space and mobility are key requirements. The FXG is also widely used on drilling rigs.


Recommended Motor Size: 30 kW
Larger motors can be installed however maximum pressure cannot be exceeded.

Recommended NPSHr: 9.8kPa (gauge)
Suction lines longer than 6 metres will result in a greater NPSHr.
Please contact a Scamont representative to assist. Negative suction heads are possible when pump is properly primed, contact Scamont representative for assistance.

Materials of Construction
Scamont Engineering can alter the materials of construction for any application including mud and acid water.

For further information regarding the performance and general arrangement of the Scamont FXG please contact Scamont Engineering directly.

Pump Configuration Displacement (l/s) Max Pressure (MPa)
FXG 3" 3.42 5.78
FXG 3.5" 4.72 4.19
FXG 4" 6.23 3.17
FXG 4.5" 7.89 2.5
FXG 5" 9.84 2
Enquire Download: Duplex PD FXG Brochure
  • Underground and surface mining operations
  • High pressure jetting or hosing
  • Mud drilling
  • Horizontal and vertical transfer
  • Shaft bottom de-watering
  • Stage mounting during shaft sinking
  • Backfill pumping
  • Grout plants
  • Agriculture
  • Robust design with fabricated steel frame allowing for refurbishment
  • Clear water or slurry service with solids up to 8mm in size
  • Low R.P.M
  • Simple maintenance procedure
  • Mobility on a skid
  • From 3.42 litres per second at 5. 78MPa to 9.84 litres per second at 2MPa dynamic head
  • Different materials of construction available in order to deal with a multitude of corrosive forces
  • Electric or diesel motor driven
  • Customised solutions available
  • Proudly manufactured in South Africa
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