Reciprocating Plunger Sludge Pumps

The Benchmark For High Pressure Pumping Applications

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Flow and Pressure ComparisonScamont offers a full range of accessories for their positive displacement pumps. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Non Return Valves (Installed in order to limit slip flow on discharge valve)
  • Shear Relief Valves (necessary in every installation to limit max. pressure)
  • Plug Valves (used at start-up to obtain operating speed with load)
  • Accumulators and Air-chambers (used to obtain steady flow in discharge line)
  • Valve Seat Pullers (used to remove valve seats)
  • Plunger Extracting Tool (used to assist in removing plungers)
  • Sockets (specific to stuffing box, jackshaft and eccentric nuts)
  • Starter Panels

For more information, please contact a Scamont representative.

Pump Speed Max No. of Stages Max Head Max Flow Rate
SP200 100 rpm 20.7MPa 10.42 l/s
SP600 100 rpm 7.5MPa 28.92 l/s
FXG 80 rpm 5.78MPa 9.84 l/s